D-4 Team Trump Delegate Slate

Meet your Trump For President National Convention Team – Congressional District 4 – Virginia!  Help support John Fredericks, Senator John Cosgrove, Councilman Robert Ike, Anne Fredericks, Elizabeth Butler, and Leon Benjamin at the GOP District 4 Convention! Vote for the Trump RNC National Convention Delegate Slate and they’ll stand up to the Party bosses in Charlotte, North Carolina!!!

John Fredericks

John Fredericks

John Fredericks served as Virginia Chairman of the Trump for President campaign in 2016 and is currently an Advisory Board member of Trump/Pence 2020. A senior media executive with over 40 years experience, Fredericks has served as a major market newspaper publisher, advertising director, editor, editorial page editor, TV host, syndicated radio host, commentator and newspaper columnist. He has covered national news events that include government, business, economics, and politics.

Fredericks was the first media personality in America to endorse Donald J. Trump for President in June 2015 and correctly predict both his nomination and his general election victory. He was elected National Delegate to the 2016 Republican convention from Virginia’s 4th Congressional District.

John is also a White House Correspondent and Cable News Network Contributor.


John Cosgrove

State Senator John Cosgrove

John Cosgrove is a retired Naval Officer who has served many years in elected office, Senator John Cosgrove has spent his life in service to his community, state, and nation. John was elected to the Senate in a special election in 2013 after serving four years on Chesapeake City Council followed by twelve years in the House of Delegates. In Richmond, John has been a leader on issues related to transportation, technology, and military affairs. John’s record of service and tireless work in his district make him an effective advocate for the needs of South Hampton Roads.


Robert Ike Jr

Chesapeake Councilman Robert Ike, Jr.

Robert Ike, Jr. was the first elected official in Virginia to publicly endorse Donald Trump for President in 2015. He is a Chesapeake City Council member and was a National Trump Delegate to the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland, OH in 2026.

Robert Ike has served his country in the US Airforce, as a Chesapeake Police Officer, and as a Chesapeake City Councilman.

Since being elected to Council, Robert has fought hard to reduce taxes, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, streamline and improve how the city interacts with the taxpayers.

His years of dedication and service to his country and his community, along with his conservative values and ethics make him the ideal Delegate to go to the National convention and support Donald Trump.

  • Small Business Founder/Owner for over 28 years
  • Veteran of the US Air Force
  • Former Chesapeake Police Officer (11 Years)
  • Currently serving as a Chesapeake City Councilman
  • Endorsed by the Chesapeake Republican Party
  • Endorsed by The Hampton Roads TEA Party

Anne Fredericks

Entrepreneur Anne Fredericks

Anne Fredericks was elected as a Trump Delegate to the RNC convention in Cleveland, OH in 2016 from Virginia’s Fourth CD.

Anne Fredericks is a mom, wife and entrepreneur. Anne has helped launch and run three companies in Virginia in the media industry. A long-standing champion of transparency in local and state government, Anne has been an entrepreneurial crusader in local media, WJFN radio 100,5 FM in Richmond, Common Sense Media, and Disruptor Media.

Anne has put her time, money, hard work, sweat and tears into transforming local media to become an instrument of the people, not a tool of big business or special interests. She’s fought big media, big government and the entrenched crony power classes to shed the light on the truth for her readers and listeners for over 15 years.

  • Small Business Founder / Owner for over 18 years
  • Former Community Newspaper Executive and Editor
  • Currently CEO and owner of Virginia radio-media company
  • Former Insurance Company Executive
  • Mom
  • Original and unshakable Trump for President supporter

Elizabeth Butler RNC

Elizabeth Butler

Elizabeth Butler was a Trump Delegate to the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland. She is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the Richmond City Republican Committee because she is passionate about strong conservative leadership at every level of our government.

Elizabeth is also committed to Classical Christian Education serving on the Board at Veritas School for over a decade. During that time, she has focused on training kids to think critically, seek truth, and understand their Christian faith. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an engineering degree from Auburn University. Elizabeth and her husband, Ron, are parents to two kids, one at Veritas and another at Reynolds Community College.


Bishop Leon Benjamin, Sr

Leon Benjamin is the Senior Pastor and Bishop of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA. Bishop Benjamin, a former Democrat and Gulf War veteran, is an emerging evangelical leader on the national front as a media spokesperson and conservative political activist. He operated as a surrogate for Trump on the presidential campaign trail and worked on the Faith-Based Initiative support team during the President-Elect’s transition to the White House.

Throughout the first year of Trump’s presidency, Bishop Benjamin has played a vital role in a group of about 20 to 30 evangelical leaders who regularly serve as informal advisers to the Trump administration. Bishop Benjamin is currently the Richmond GOP Chairman for the Republican Party of Richmond City.

As a community activist, Bishop Benjamin has worked with public officials, civic and community leaders to make a difference in the areas of education, business development, and economic reform. He is a Senior Fellow for the National Minority Technology Council where he services National Faith-based Liason and Advisor to the Council.

Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America. As a change agent for healing and reconciliation in our nation, the core of Dr. Benjamin’s message is “It’s time to unify, America!”

Bishop Benjamin has been a strong advocate in engaging with African-American churches to support President Trump’s vision to restore economic prosperity, educational opportunity and safer communities with less crime in urban inner cities.

He is also the founder of United2Pray, a national movement to intercede weekly on a conference call with evangelical pastors and the faith community to pray for the president and future of our nation.
Bishop Benjamin has appeared on Fox News and numerous national TV and radio talk shows and is a sought-after speaker on the moral, economic, and spiritual impact of socioeconomic issues and political discourse on the black community and the nation.

A native of Richmond, VA, he graduated from Huguenot High School and attended University of Virginia and Virginia Union University for engineering. Bishop Leon Benjamin received his Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Masters in Christian Education at Rovear University. He is married to his soul mate and partner in ministry, Pastor Maria Benjamin, and through their union they have three beautiful children – Delcarmen and Leon Jr., and Destiny Benjamin.